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Project Description
This is SharePoint 2010 solution, developed in C#.

iSharePoint contains: configuration, business entities, PnP guidance package, assignments.

In future: features like private office, organizational structure, phonebook, web templates for projects, news, records and agreement management, document templates, orders execution control and so on

Solution is provided by IT Complex, LLC:

If you interested in support or development, you can contact Solomatov Igor by email or (currently site in russian language).

Recently published version is NOT stable
Bugfix will come soon (till middle august, even now NOT compiles)

Project libs status: RC1
Project templates status: PLANNING
This means you can use sources for development, but really no one ready feature is available.

Current projects' statuses:
  1. Helpers, Services, Base classes:
    • Caching: RC1
    • Configuration list: alpha (rewrote 16.04.2012)
    • Forms presenter: alpha (rewrote 18.04.2012)
    • Synchronized collections: RC1
    • Ipc communication: RC1
    • ClientAssets (JS, CSS): beta
    • SharePoint and Standard extensions: RC1
    • Timer Jobs: alpha (rewrote 17.04.2012)
    • SystemControl: RC1
  2. Metadata classes (allows to query cached metadata without using and disposing webs, lists):
    • MetaCtx: RC1 (need some rewrite)
    • MetaWeb: RC1
    • MetaList: RC1
    • MetaContentType: RC1
    • SQL: RC1
    • Forms: RC1
  3. Business entity wrapper:
    • CAML query builder: RC1
    • Entity mapping to SharePoint: RC1
    • Entity mapping to SQL: need to write
    • Entity context: RC1
  4. Business-level contexts' statuses:
    • Notification (via templates): beta (rewrote 18.04.2012)
    • Documents (forms, types): need to write
    • Assignments (tasks): need to write
    • OrgStructure: need to write
    • WorkingSchedule: need to write
    • PDF watermark: RC1
    • HTML Templates: RC1 (rewrote 17.04.2012)
    • Word Templates: not yet completed
    • Converter: not yet completed
    • Router: beta (rewrote 20.04.2012)
    • Rules: need to write
    • Security: some refinement required
    • ServiceLocator: RC1
  5. FBA:

Documentation coming soon (this is rather big solution, requires a lot of time).

Project plan:
  1. Make FBA Pack fully localizable (sync with main trunk). 1 aug 2012
  2. Make FBA Pack customizable (using CSS classes). 15 aug 2012
  3. Documentation. 1 jul 2012
  4. Base libs release. 1 jun 2012
  5. Templates. in near future :)

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